I found a wonderful site for beginners to learn and view tutorials by a patient teacher named Michael Sellick at Michael breaks down so many basics of crochet and makes it so easy to learn and understand. One of my favorite stitches is basketweave. Michael does a real nice job of demonstrating this super warm and thick pattern. The post pattern is so easy to follow, so easy to count and is really just double crochet.

Here is a pattern I love and one of my signature baby blankets and baby sneaker booties, by Sue’s

Baby booties and LD Baby Basketweave afghan.

Baby booties and LD Baby Basketweave afghan.

My baby afghan pattern is as follows:
LD Baby Basketweave

Ch 98
starting in 3rd ch from the hook, dc across
sk 1 dc, 2 dc, 5 fpdc, 5 bpdc, repeat to last 2 stitches and 2 dc.
Alternate colors every 7 rows or as many as you would like. Reverse the pattern at the change to create the pattern effect.
Trim with your favorite border or just do a dc border around entire afghan.
with an I hook would be 98 chain, 2dc on each end and ch 2 turn. Do sets of 5 each of fpdc and bpdc as many rows high as you would like. I alternate the colors with each change or reverse on the fpdc and bpdc.

It is a wonderfully warm baby afghan and really looks stunning.

Enjoy. -Linda

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  1. 01.10.2011

    Hi Linda,
    I’m the editor for and I just wanted to thank you for the nice mention above. Michael truly is a great teacher and we love working with him!

    Thanks again,
    Christine, Editor

  2. Angie

    Hi- I really like this pattern you created and have a question on how to do it. I am a beginner and am wondering after ch 98 if row 1 starts with dc all the way across, then row 3 starts with sk1 dc, 2dc, etc? Thank you so much!

    • admin

      Hi Angie,
      Yes, that is fine. It is a very forgiving pattern and ending with a double crochet across is fine. The entire pattern is in essence a dc, the only thing is that you do the count for the front post and back post every so many X, in this case we did 5 which is super easy for counting and tracking. Thanks for liking the pattern too!!

  3. Angie

    Thank you for the quick response back! I’d like to use 2 colors as well and reverse the pattern to create the textured look in the photo.

    I think I understand but just to clarify using “I” hook,
    1. ch 98
    2. row 1 dc across
    3. 2dc on each end, alternating sets of 5 fpdc & 5 bpdc as high as I’d like to go.
    4. trim w/ border

    I’m attempting this for a Christmas present for my cousin’s new baby and appreciate your time.

  4. admin

    Yes, and as you get the hang of it, you will see that depending on yard used, your personal tension and the hook size, the ch count is a basic guide. That is why crochet is so much fun. Once you get confident with your personal style you can change all of this stuff. For instance, if you ch 98 and it seems too small, visually, keep chaining. Then just adjust your end count. So if you go 5 on your pattern and get to the end and have only 2, stick with 2 at the end, no big deal. It is more about what you maintain as you go forward. So each end bp or fp is now 2, not 5. So if it is consistent, it will still be a beautiful baby afghan because it is consistently 5 then 2 at the end. That is why I love this pattern so much. Hope that makes sense. If not, keep asking questions!!! I know it took me so long to reply, but I was traveling and now I am settled so I can help more! Good luck!
    Thanks, Team

  5. angie

    I really appreciate the info! I did a test piece with the pattern for practice and so far I love the pattern. I see what you mean about the pattern being so forgiving. One other quick question, I am ending each row with a double crochet and it says to ch 2 and turn. I thought with a dc it was ch 3 then turn? I’m not sure if it’s because it is a baby blanket or possibly the trim at the end? Just want to make sure the edges are straight for me.

    • admin

      You will laugh, but again, it is forgiving and tension and yarn and hook size matters for all things crochet. Believe it or not, what works for you and what looks good is trial and error. I love to test my stuff like you are doing too. Try both ways and so long as you are consistent, it is perfectly fine. Sometimes ch3 will work and sometimes it does not. But, the most important thing is be consistent through the piece and it will be beautiful. I am so hooked on this basketweave pattern stitch I just love it.

      I am so excited. Be sure to take pictures we can post here on the blog about your project when done!!!


  6. angie

    PERFECT! I will def send pictures when I am finished. :)

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